ITEM: Educational Hardware and Software

In ITEM: Educational Hardware and Software, teachers will take a guided tour of software programs and hardware peripherals relevant to their classroom and mathematics learning, such as KidPix, Kidspiration, Inspiration, and Microsoft Excel. Based on the educational software and hardware available at the school district, ITEM will explore beneficial ways to implement technology into the math lessons. Teachers will master math software programs and hardware hands-on, and will design a lesson to use in their classroom.


Introductions and Overview of the Workshop

Discussion of Everyday Mathematics Curriculum

Discussion of the Role of Educational Hardware and Software in the classroom

Introduction to Microsoft Excel Basics

Demonstration of Math Activities using Microsoft Excel or Scholastic Keys' MaxCount for Excel

Internet Resources include:

Explore the ETTC lending library of software titles

Resources include:

Introduction to peripherals that can be used in the mathematics classroom such as digital cameras, scanners, personal digital assistants etc.

Teachers will explore math applications for digital cameras ~

Digital Editing 101 ~

Brief discussion on calculators and manipulatives.

Build a classroom lesson using an educational hardware and software resource demonstrated throughout the training. Use this template.

Additional resources for educational hardware and software include:

Close with sharing, brainstorming and collaboration about the use of educational software and hardware in the Everyday Mathematics curriculum

The ITEM Certificate has been developed by the Southern Regional Institute and ETTC through an NJSSI Specialty grant. All rights are reserved. This notice must accompany all documentation for ITEM professional development.