ITEM: Internet Resources

In ITEM: Internet Resources, teachers can find web-based math lessons and classroom activities for students to explore. ITEM will guide teachers to appropriate websites, discuss website evaluation, and help teachers build a list of online math resources. Teachers will explore the New Jersey Department of Education resources and align activities to the math standards. Participants will also explore distance learning, such as electronic field trips, web-tours, and videoconferencing. By the end of the workshop, teachers will leave with a list of web sites that will help to teach a specific math skill.


Introductions and Overview of the Workshop

Discussion of Everyday Mathematics Curriculum

Introduction of Internet for the Everyday Mathematics Curriculum

Review Serach Engines
- Features of the Best Search Engines ~
- How to be a better Web searcher ~

Learn how to evaluate a website

Create a "Hotlist" of Internet Resources, begin by exploring the following links for appropriate math lessons:

General Lesson Sites may include:

Explore list of Internet resources:

New Jersey Department of Education/Standardized Testing resources may include:

Discuss videoconferencing and virtual field trips for math.

Continue exploration of online resources. Create finalized list of resources to use in the classroom.

Close with sharing, brainstorming and collaboration about using Internet activities in the Everyday Mathematics curriculum.

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