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Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and Atlantic County ETTC Congratulates Local Teachers using MarcoPolo Internet Content for the Classroom.

Dina Abbamondi
Assistant Director
Atlantic County ETTC
(609) 652-4931

Pomona, NJ, April 2002 – The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey is proud to announce 70 local teachers are now MarcoPolo Field Trainers.  These teachers participated in MarcoPolo: Internet Content for the Classroom training, as part of the MarcoPolo Professional Development Program. The training included a two-day workshop focused on providing teachers with the knowledge and tools to integrate the Internet effectively into their classroom experiences.


The MarcoPolo Professional Development Program is based on a “train the instructor” model. The interactive, hands-on sessions were led by a member of the MarcoPolo cadre of trainers – all of whom are current or former classroom teachers or teacher-trainers who have extensive experience with Internet-based instruction.


Designated as a regional training site, the Atlantic County Educational Technology Training Center (ETTC) coordinated seven “train the instructor” two-day workshops during the Winter/Spring 2002.  The Arthur Rann Elementary School of the Galloway Township School District hosted the workshops and opened its friendly doors to ETTC, MarcoPolo, and teachers throughout South Jersey.


The following teachers participated in the MarcoPolo training and are now considered field trainers for their schools, school districts, and local community.


Anderson, Margaret Hamilton Township School District
Baldermann, Louis   Folsom School District
Bennett, Barbara Atlantic County Special Services School
Bird, Michael Atlantic City School District
Brestle, Mark Brigantine School District
Brown, Carol Ventnor School District
Brownhill, James  Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District
Campanella, Elissa  Estell Manor School District
Carlson, John  Egg Harbor Township School District
Cellucci, Jeanette Somers Point School District
Clayton, Kathleen Egg Harbor Township School District
Crane, John-Fred    Mainland Regional High School District
Culleny, Thomas Egg Harbor City School District
Daley, Bernadette Mainland Regional High School District
Decarlo, Sallianne   Blessed Sacrament School
Donahue, Cindy   Weymouth Township School District
Draper, Michael   Hamilton Township School District
Dull, Veronica  Upper Township School District
Elia, Amy Blessed Sacrament School
Ferguson, Carol  Northfield School District
Fortis, Steve Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District
Grande, Joan   Egg Harbor City School District
Greco, Valerie   Buena Regional School District
Grossi, Dominic  Egg Harbor City School District
Haneman, Cindy   Brigantine School District
Harding, John   Atlantic City School District
Havens, Sue Ventnor School District
Hockenbury, Carla  Hamilton Township School District
Howell, Randall   Ocean City
Hyland, Tracy     Atlantic City School District
Jarrin, Nancy Pleasantville School District
Josephson, Francie Atlantic City School District
Kesselman, Lynne   Egg Harbor Township School District
Lenahan, Mary  Pleasantville School District
Lesage, Patricia Galloway Township School District
Link, Michelle Ventnor School District
Lisitski, Melanie  Galloway Community Charter School
Mancinelli, Esther  St. Vincent School
Marano, Kristin   Folsom School District
Mascio, Kelly Mullica Township School District
Mccracken, Paul  Somers Point School District
Mclaughlin, Tom       Mullica Township School District
Merlock, Angela    St. Vincent School
Moffitt, William    Atlantic City School District
Mottershead, Robin    Weymouth Township School District
Murphy, Fran Egg Harbor Township School District
Ojserkis, Amy  Linwood School District
Olinda, Charles Atlantic County Vocational/Technical School
Overholt, Becky  Tuckerton Borough
Pease, Sally Brigantine School District
Prychka, Mary Port Republic School District
Ragan, Chris Somers Point School District
Reardon, Kathy   Atlantic County Vocational/Technical School
Reemmer, Kathlee    Atlantic City School District
Ricciardi, Kathy   Somers Point School District
Richards, Linda  Pleasantville School District
Rivera-Young, Luz   Pleasantville School District
Seither, Carolyn    Upper Township School District
Serdy, Cristen   Atlantic City School District
Smith, Shelley   Long Beach Island School District
Stafford, Sarah  Atlantic County Vocational/Technical School
Stoll, Cindy Atlantic County Special Services School
Swain, Tracy    Absecon School District
Sweeder, Michael   Egg Harbor Township School District
Tarsitano, Michelle Ventnor School District
Thompson, Patricia Port Republic School District
Tobin, Jessica  Atlantic City School District
Weissman, Lynn    Egg Harbor City School District
Yeager, Wendy   Long Beach Island School District
Zedalis, Tara Tuckerton Borough

Teachers found a wealth of content on the MarcoPolo partner web sites, including standards-based lesson plans and peer-reviewed web site links that are ready to be used in the classroom in conjunction with teachers’ existing curriculum. Through the MarcoPolo gateway (, teachers can quickly find high-quality lesson plans in almost every subject area and grade level, all with content reviewed by scholars and approved by educators. Teachers will find approximately 1,000 lessons within the MarcoPolo partner web sites, and new lessons are being added regularly. All content on the site is free for educators to access and use. Teacher enthusiasm was evident with one participant adding, “Great! Everyone had great ideas to share. I enjoyed the time given to come up with a lesson plan that fits my curriculum.”


The sessions provided guidelines for best practices for integrating Internet content into a variety of classroom settings. The training sessions also examine the skills necessary for classroom teachers to analyze and evaluate quality Internet content as a step toward creating their own Internet-based lesson plans.


“Marco Polo has the potential to impact every classroom in New Jersey. Fully integrating the Internet into the classroom will make it an invaluable educational tool and resource for teachers and students alike" says Lisa Tauscher, the MarcoPolo State Administrator.


Each of the MarcoPolo field trainers received a free comprehensive instructor’s kit that included teacher’s guides for elementary and secondary levels, a PowerPoint presentation, a mouse pad and a full-color poster for the classroom. All kit components are included on a CD-ROM that allows the instructor to customize the professional development session and materials. In addition to the field instructor kit, teachers who completed the two-day training, documented use of the internet resources in classroom lessons, and trained fellow teachers to use MarcoPolo are eligible to receive a free color laser printer or a scanner for their classroom.


The Atlantic County ETTC also showcased the MarcoPolo: Internet Content For the Classroom in several sessions at the annual conference, From My Classroom to Yours, held on Monday, May 6, 2002.  The sessions exposed teachers, administrators, and pre-service teachers to the value of using MarcoPolo Internet resources in the classroom.


Building on the enthusiasm of the conference and the success of the incentive program, additional MarcoPolo Professional Development workshops are being scheduled for the summer and fall.


The Atlantic County Educational Technology Training Center (ETTC) is a consortium of 48 public school districts, charter schools, non-public schools, colleges, libraries and other organizations in Atlantic, Cape May and Ocean counties administered by the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. The ETTC aims to enhance the education available to every child in Atlantic County through the creative use of educational technologies. The ETTC provides K-12 teachers and school administrators with training opportunities on relevant subjects including the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, instructional technology, computer technologies, telecommunications and distance learning. The ETTC also provides a state-of-the-art demonstration facility and clearinghouse where the county’s teachers can explore the latest trends in educational technologies.


The WorldCom Foundation is the principal instrument for WorldCom corporate giving. The Foundation is proud to have established MarcoPolo: Internet Content for the Classroom – a unique, results-oriented Internet education initiative. The overriding goal of MarcoPolo is to provide the highest quality educational content and professional development program free of charge and easily accessible to all educators in the country. The WorldCom Foundation is an active contributor to the MarcoPolo partnership, providing staff, technical support, partner funding and guidance on the overall direction of the MarcoPolo project.


MarcoPolo is public/private partnership designed to explore the frontiers of Internet-based education. The MarcoPolo content partners include the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Council of the Great City Schools, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Council on Economic Education, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Geographic Society.


To find out more about the MarcoPolo Professional Development training opportunities in Atlantic County, contact Dina Abbamondi, Atlantic County ETTC Assistant Director at (609) 652-4452 or  Visit the Atlantic County ETTC website for more details at


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