Effective and Beyond: Best Practices for Teachers of Students with ADHD


Students with ADHD want to do well and succeed in school. They don’t want to be consistently inconsistent in their daily performance. Yet, poor performance is a predictable result for students who struggle with inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, disorganization, forgetfulness, losing things, restlessness, and emotional reactivity. 
These challenges often impair the student’s motivation and the resiliency needed to keep trying through adversity.

As many teachers know, the challenges created by ADHD can impact the performance of an entire classroom. Fortunately, the educational interventions used for ADHD are best practices that have a positive effect on most classroom environments and student performance.

Participants will gain knowledge and skills in:

- Understanding ADHD and the “why” behind the performance problems.

- Recognizing the educator’s role in prevention and intervention.

- Working with strategies that manage ADHD-related problems.

- Managing reactions and other behavioral difficulties.

- Learn how to teach students to use “If-Then” goals.

Workshop will be presented by Mary Fowler
Ms. Fowler trains educational staff on effective strategies for working with students with behavioral, social, and emotional issues. She specializes in ADHD and related disorders, traumatic stress, and childhood adversity. She is the author of numerous books and articles on ADHD and related disorders.  She frequently contributes to the NJEA Review and the ASCD Express. A former NJ educator, Ms. Fowler has been training educators and parents for over twenty-five years.

Audience: K-12 Teachers, Social Workers, Guidance Counselors, Special Ed. Directors and School Administrators
Workshop Code: S17030
Dates: Monday June 5, 2017

From: 9:00 to: 3:00

Cost: $178 OR 7 ETTC Hour(s). For info on membership, call the ETTC.

Instructor: Mary Fowler
Location: SRI & ETTC - Meeting Rooms 107A - 108A

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